Metal Rowing Machine.

Need a solid and reliable rowing machine consider the All Metal Construction Tunturi R35 Rowing Machine, this Metal Rowing Machine is designed for strength so no matter how hard you like to row or any worries you might have about being overweight the Tunturi R35 Rowing Machine is the right choice.

With a maximum user weight of up to 22 stone or 135 kg, 300 lbs you don't have to worry if you're overweight as this strong rowing machine is strong and powerful yet very easy to use with its in-built rowing computer that will automatically measure your heart rate through a heart rate chest strap and display the calories you have burned whilst exercising, you can also adjust the effort level to have a harder or easier exercise regime.

All Metal Construction Tunturi R35 Rowing Machine

Tunturi R35 Rowing Machine.

Rowing is perfect for both adults and children, adults will appreciate its strength and suitability for exercises for overweight people whilst children will appreciate its stability, it won't tip over and its digital display and varied exercise programs that will keep children and adults interested in rowing by selecting such exercise programs as fat burn, calorie counter, heart rate and many more.

It's an all metal construction rowing machine but that doesn't mean that the seat is uncomfortable it's an extra thick, extra padded seat that will keep you feeling comfortable to matter what your weight and how hard you exercise.

When you have finished exercising you can even fold the rowing machine into its frame, you can lean it against a wall or store it behind the door or store the rowing machine under the stairs and then when you're ready to exercise again your Tunturi R35 Rowing Machine is ready too.

The frame is guaranteed by the manufacturer Tunturi for 20 years, so Tunturi really are certain that no matter what your weight you will have no problems with your metal rowing machine.
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