Full Cardiovascular Workout.

For a Total Body Workout the DKN Fitness X-Trainer 4-CT Cross Trainer offers a cardiovascular workout including trunk rotation, leg and bottom toning and an upper body action to help tone your chest and arms.

With the DKN Fitness X-Trainer 4-CT Cross Trainer you won't feel cramped or squashed into the cross trainer as this cross trainer is big and roomy, there's a low centre or gravity on this cross trainer this means the cross trainer is very stable and won't fall over under and circumstances.

DKN Fitness X-Trainer 4-CT Cross Trainer Total Body Workout

DKN Fitness X-Trainer 4-CT Cross Trainer.

The DKN fitness cross trainer is silent in operation, great if you want to watch TV or listen to music whilst your exercise and great for you and your neighbours as you won't get any complaints about noisy exercising.

The foot pedals have a raised section to stop your feet falling out of the pedals, did you know that using the DKN cross trainer offers 40% less chance of injury when compared with high impact road running.

You can adjust the step size some people with a smaller stride will no longer feel like they are doing the splits and taller users with a larger stride can increase the step size so they won't feel cramped.

You can use this cross trainer if you're up to 17 stone in weight, it's a great way to work the whole body and all the major muscle groups in one go without the need for multiple exercise machines.

There's a two year DKN Fitness manufacturers guarantee so you have total piece of mind. The DKN Fitness X-Trainer 4-CT Cross Trainer automatically displays your heart rate, calorie burned, pulse, speed and distance. The cross trainer is a very smart looking cross trainer that will look good in any home.

When exercising you hold onto the cross trainer handlebars which will also measure your pulse and heart rate or you can hold the cross trainer frame or indeed not hold on at all for a more running like movement.
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