DKN Recumbent Fitness Bike.

The DKN RB-3 Recumbent Fitness Bike which is also known as a Ergometer Cycle is ideal for injury recovery or exercise for those with less mobility as you don't have to climb on a saddle like a conventional exercise bike, you don't have to swing your leg over either as the bicycle seat has complete clearance and easy entry for those with mobility problems.

The seat is a proper seat with side arms that will hold you in properly and for more comfortable for those used to a seated position, the bicycle peddles are out in front of your legs rather than under your bottom, again this is a much easier cycling position for people with mobility problems, the aged or people recovering from injury.

DKN RB-3 Recumbent Fitness Bike

DKN RB-3 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

The pedals have large foot straps that will hold in the largest of feet and the large strap ensures it's easy for the user themselves or their helper to adjust the foot straps without trouble.

There's a handlebar out in front of the cycle for those who want to hold on like a conventional cycle, and for those who don't there are the arm rests on the seat.

The digital display is large enough for the elderly or people with poor eyesight to read the display and within arm's reach for the user themselves or their helper to make an adjustment to the effort required or the exercise program used.

As well as having a full range of computer controlled exercise programmes you can also just sit down and peddle without setting anything up so casual users will find this so much easier than learning all sorts of functions.

The seat can be moved closer to the pedals or further away by adjusting a simple turn knob, so people with short or long legs can both use the bicycle.

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