Exercise Bike.

This Top Featured Exercise Bike the York Heritage c102 Exercise Bike has many advanced features like a target heart rate alarm which sounds when your preset heart rate is reached, if your training and want to push yourself it's perfect as you don't have to keep your eye on the digital console all the time.

Pulse sensors a built into the handlebars to measure your heart rate which is displayed on the digital display along with Speed, RPM, Time, Distance travelled and calories burned.

Top Featured Exercise Bike York Heritage c102 Exercise Bike

York Heritage c102 Exercise Bike.

York Heritage c102 Exercise Bike is ideal for use by the heavier person wanting to start an exercise regime and lose weight as the maximum user weight of the exercise bike is 19 stone or 125kg, so you can be sure that your exercise routine will be on a stable, secure and strong exercise bike no matter how vigorous you like to cycle.

As well as being a tope featured exercise bike it's also a good looking exercise bike with red, black and silver being the exercise bike colours.

Above the exercise bike digital display is a book stand which is great for people who like to read books or magazines as they cycle, the book or magazine rests securely against the magazine stand and won't fall over or slip off the exercise bike, so you get a good read as well as a good cycle.

There's a 2 years parts and labour guarantee, 10 days no quibble money back guarantee and free delivery all to entice you to buy the York Heritage c102 Exercise Bike.

There's 8 different exercise programs to choose from on this top featured exercise bike including weight loss, calorie burn, endurance, time trials, quick start, race and many more.

The resistance to your cycling is provided by an adjustable resistance 6kg flywheel, the added weight provides stability whilst you cycle, these home exercise bikes are made to last and be near silent in use so you won't get complaints from the neighbours every time you use your exercise bike.
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