AirKing 10ft Trampoline

The 10ft Trampoline from AirKing is great for use in the garden, your children will be able to play in safety as the trampoline includes a safety enclosure.

Both adults and children can use this 10ft Trampoline as the maximum person weight is 19 stone or 120kg.

10ft Trampoline, Great for your Garden, AirKing

10ft Trampoline.

The trampoline has 72 individual springs around the trampoline mat to give the highest jumps and the safest landings.

AirKing have made this trampoline weather resistant with fully galvanised metal parts and a fully rainproof trampoline mat and springs.

A safety enclosure surrounds the trampoline, it's like a fence made from netting that stops you falling off the trampoline.

If you have children you will know how bored they get and how quickly they get bored, with a trampoline in your back garden they can have hours of safe fun bouncing in the trampoline or just sitting in the trampoline chatting with their friends, and of course they will want to invite their friends round as well.

Trampolines are also great for keeping fit, and as this 10ft trampoline is suitable for adults too, you can use it to keep fit, trampolining is very aerobic using your arms and legs and bottom! to bounce up and down, great for losing a few pounds and enjoy doing it, not like an exercise machine where you get very bored.

The trampoline has a T-bar connector system for joining the legs to the trampoline so if you want to fold your trampoline and store it off the lawn out of the way, you can simply remove the legs for easy storage.

You can move the trampoline as well if you want to move it off the lawn to stop the grass getting ruined, the trampoline weighs 6.5 stone or 41 kg so it's easy to move or drag along a few yards.

The whole family young and old will enjoy trampolining, it's so much cheaper than a day out and can be used all summer long.

The AirKing Classic 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure can be left outside i the garden all year round as the whole trampoline is weatherproof the trampoline mat is made from a synthetic rubber polypropylene weave which allows rain water to pass straight through the trampoline surface leaving the trampoline dry after it rains and the metal frame of the trampoline is rust proof as it has been galvanised to provide rust protection with the steel tube galvanised both inside and outside so the metal won't rust even on the inside of the tube that's very high quality manufacture rust proofing the inside of the trampoline frame.

The trampoline comes with a five year warranty so any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement and delivery is free too so there's no more to pay and with the heavily discounted price this is a great trampoline to buy for the garden.

The trampoline frame has four large metal legs that sit on top of the grass the legs won't sink into your lawn even if your lawn is wet and waterlogged or covered with moss the trampoline will spread the weight of the trampoline through the large legs and won't sink or damage your lawn you can drag the trampoline around your lawn quite easily as it slides over the grass as you drag and does not dig in or leave mud marks as you drag.

Assembly is easy and will take about one hour whilst its advised that two people should assemble the trampoline together one person to hold the trampoline parts whilst the other person assembles the parts the assembly can be done on your own the instructions supplied show drawings of every stage of assembly so you can follow along with the drawings and the instructions are written in English so you won't have any problems trying to understand how the trampoline should be assembled.
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