10ft Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure an outdoor 10ft trampoline ideal for the garden, the trampoline is fully waterproof and weatherproof and won't fade in colour over time, this 10ft trampoline won't rust either as all metal parts are galvanised steel which does not rust.

It's safe too, this 10ft trampoline has a safety enclosure which surrounds the entire trampoline, there's a zip which opens to let the children inside the trampoline, then once the zip is fastened the children can bounce in safety with no danger of falling out, the children can even bounce against the safety enclosure walls and the still won't fall out, then when they have finished playing the zip can be opened and the children climb out.

10ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro with Enclosure

10ft Outdoor Trampoline.

This 10ft trampoline is medium in size and easy to setup as it comes with full instructions that are actually for a change easy to follow.

In the winter you can leave the trampoline outside it won't spoil or fade in colour as the trampoline is made from strong, durable and weatherproof materials.

Trampolines are fun for the children and with the include safety enclosure they are safe too.

There's free delivery too so for well under two hundred pounds you can have a safe, durable trampoline that will give your family many years of service.

A full 12 month warranty is included in the price so you don't have to worry about the kids bouncing hard as the 1 year guarantee will sort out any problems.

For extra stability there's eight legs that holds the trampoline flat and secure no matter how bumpy and unlevel your garden, you don't need to position your 10ft trampoline on a concrete base or anything silly like that, put the trampoline on the lawn, its made from galvanised steel and won't rust.

The AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure has a polypropylene bounce mat that actually lets the rain pass straight through the mat so the mat always stays dry and is never waterlogged whilst your see your neighbours with waterlogged trampolines using a broom to move the water away and suffering with rot and mildew you just won't have these problems on an AirKing trampoline as the polypropylene is a synthetic rubber that has been weaved together its this weave that allows water molecules to pass straight through so your children can be back bouncing on the trampoline as soon as it has stopped raining.

The trampoline mat is fastened to the trampoline frame by v-rings which let the springs connect to both mat and frame these v-rings are sewn into the rubber mat and must be strong to make a trampoline that will last for many years AirKing use ten rows of stitching on their trampoline mats to ensure the long life of the trampoline whilst other trampoline manufacturers use five or less making a very weak trampoline so its a testament to the high quality of AirKing trampolines that they use ten rows of stitching.

A flexible closed cell foam safety pad is used to cover the outside edge of the trampoline underneath this area are the springs and the safety mat prevents injury should someone jump on the outside edge the safety pads are flexible so that they bend without cracking and are also resistant to sunlight causing UV cracking and discolouration.

The frame legs are wide and float above the grass without digging in and ruining your lawn there are no anchor points or spikes needed on AirKing trampolines so your garden will not be ruined and as the trampolines large legs distribute the load evenly across the legs you can push the trampoline around the lawn without causing damage to the grass.
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