10ft Trampoline For Sale.

10ft Trampoline for sale, use this 10ft trampoline in the garden the children will love to bounce and play on it, delivered free of charge with a safety enclosure which is like a big netting fence that runs round the 8ft trampoline and keeps the children safe whilst they play.

It's a great 10ft trampoline ideal for using in the garden, it has a five year anti-corrosion warranty so if you get any rust within 5 years the trampoline will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

10ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro with Enclosure

10ft Trampoline from AirKing Pro.

This is a rust proof trampoline thanks to the galvanised steel parts, galvanised steel does not rust, the fabric and rubber trampoline area are all made from weatherproof and sun proof materials so they won't fade or become brittle when left outside.

You can leave your 8ft trampoline outside all year, the rubber trampoline surface is designed to shake off water and dry quickly so even after a rain shower your children will be outside again quickly bouncing on the trampoline.

With a super low price of under two hundred pounds it's no wonder the AirKing Pro 10ft Trampoline is proving so popular, all your children's friends will have a trampoline so of course your children will want one too, their friends can come round and share in the fun or trampolining and exercising to get fit and just for fun.

The trampoline is delivered flat packed in several boxes and will easily fit through the standard garden gate or entrance hall so you can have no fears about getting the trampo0line into your back garden, and with free delivery you don't have to try and get it home in the car or on the bus!

Eight legs provide maximum stability on many different types of surface from wet grass to a few mud patched, to concrete slabs to wooden decks whatever garden surface you have these strong eight legged trampolines from AirKing will provide maximum stability.

AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure supports a weight of 24 stone so any adults weighting up to and including 24 stone can use this trampoline so there's no excuse for not having a jump around with your children as did you know that trampolines are a great form of cardiovascular exercise as your moving your arms and legs up and down when your jumping and your arms and legs are two of the main muscle groups causing your heart rate to increase and your body to start to burn calories so its an excellent way to lose weight and a lot of fun too.

The steel tube frame on this 10 foot trampoline is made from galvanised steel so the frame won't rust and even comes with a five year warranty against rusting the trampoline mat is waterproof and won't start to rot or get mildew and the safety enclosure is also resistant to rain and UV light cracking just like the trampoline mat so you can leave the whole trampoline out in your garden all year round every year.

This 10ft trampoline from AirKing is ideal for parties when lots of children will want to jump on the trampoline as the trampoline features a safety enclosure which goes all the way around the outside edge and stops anyone adult or child from falling off this safety enclosure is made from a netting material and has a door fastened with a toggle in the safety netting to allow entry and exit to the trampoline, at parties position yourself at the door controlling who can enter and exit the trampoline as its a really easy way to ensure safety and that not too many children get on the trampoline at one time.
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