12ft Trampoline with safety net strong sturdy construction.

The 12ft Air King Pro Trampoline is great for exercise or just for fun. The Air King Pro trampoline is made from a strong metal frame with many springs and a safety net and safety enclosure.

Some of the cheap trampolines don't have safety nets or enough springs and these can be dangerous, included with the Air King Pro is a safety net and safety enclosure so you know you have a quality and safe trampoline.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

12ft Trampoline with safety net.

The 12ft trampoline comes with a spring tensioner so you can tighten the springs after prolonged use, this is important for the safety of your trampoline and is just one more reason why Air King Pro trampolines are so safe.

The safety enclosure and the mat which the trampoline stands on don't have any gaps so no small fingers can get trapped like some of the cheaper trampolines available.

The trampoline includes an amazing 96 springs, that's a lot of bounce for your pound. With eight legs this 12ft trampoline is very safe and won't slide or fall over.

The Air King Pro trampoline folds flat for easy storage and the waterproof materials ensures that rain and UV sunlight damage won't occur. Your trampoline will provide many years of fun for the whole family from children to adults alike, from fun and games bouncing to exercise workouts.

The trampoline folds flat for easy storage.

If your looking for a big trampoline then take a look at the AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure it's a very large trampoline that's ideal for the whole family to bounce together and its safe too with a safety enclosure surrounding the trampoline which makes sure that no none adult or child can fall out of the trampoline as the safety enclosure is like a fence which surrounds the trampoline and should anyone fall against the fence which is made of fabric netting they will be gently pushed back and will not fall out of the trampoline.

For safety there's only one way in or out of the trampoline and that's using the fabric door i the safety enclosure so its ideal for childrens parties when you want to control how many children are entering the trampoline at one time as you can just watch the door and the children can't all scramble on at the same time.

The metal legs on the AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure are large and flat and won't mark your lawn like other trampolines do especially the trampolines that require anchor ropes to be hammered into the lawn, they really make a mess buy AirKings design uses large flat legs which sit above the grass without sinking in, you can even drag the trampoline around your lawn without tearing the grass as the legs will glide across the grass without making holes.

Because its easy to move the trampoline its easy to have a good lawn as you can simply push the trampoline out of the way when you want to mow underneath or push the trampoline further along the lawn if the grass is starting to wear.

With a polypropylene trampoline mat the mat won't rot or suffer from mildew so your trampoline will last for many years and if you do have any problems the 5 year warranty will help.
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