12ft Trampoline with Safety Fence Keeps Children Safe.

12ft Trampoline review of the bestselling 12ft trampoline that has many safety features the 12ft Air King Pro Trampoline is a outdoor trampoline for children that will provide hours of trampoline exercise fun.

The safety features include a strong fabric safety fence which encloses the trampoline so the children can't fall off, the can even bounce against the fabric wall and they won't hurt themselves or harm the trampoline, there's a ladder too so smaller children can climb up the ladder rather than trying to over reach themselves or jump down after play.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

12ft Trampoline Exercise Fun.

The 12ft trampoline has a zip which is fastened when the children are inside so they can't fall out, the zip can then be unfastened and the children step out the fabric door onto the ladder.

Included with this bestselling 12ft trampoline is a weather protection cover, you can leave the trampoline out in the garden all year round, just put the weather protector on in the winter when you are not using the trampoline, in the summer months you don't need to bother with the weatherproof cover, all metal parts are made from galvanised steel which does not rust and all fabrics are weather proof, UV proof, rip proof, water proof and won't fade in the sun.

With 80 springs making up this outdoor 12ft trampoline there's plenty of bounce for the children and it's all in a completely safe environment, all exposed metal is foam padded so children won't hurt themselves if they bump into the poles.

If it rains in out usual summer showers don't worry as the trampoline surface is designed to be fast draining and won't hold the water, the unique high tech design means water is repelled and your children can continue bouncing even with summer showers all around.

With free delivery and a low price of under 200 pounds now is the time to buy a 12ft Air King Pro Trampoline for outdoor exercise fun.

The AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is great for holding birthday parties as at 12 foot in diameter its large enough for all the children to play together and with the safety enclosure its very safe to use at parties, with many children all wanting a go on the trampoline you want an easy way to control who can go on and who can go off the trampoline at any one time the safety enclosure has a door with a toggle fastening so if your standing at the door in the safety enclosure keeping an eye on the children playing you can use the closed door that simply opens with the toggle to easily control who is on or off the trampoline, its an excellent way to segregate kids by age groups so the older children are not on the trampoline at the same time as the younger children.

This 12 foot trampoline is for sale at a bargain price and that makes it excellent value for birthday parties as with just the one purchase you have all the party entertainment solved let the children bounce and play on a big trampoline in the garden and as an added bonus they are playing outside and not turning your home upside down and then once the party is over you have a trampoline in your garden that your own kids can continue to use its the best birthday entertainment you can get and the only birthday party entertainment that lasts long after the party is over.

Both children and adults can bounce on this trampoline as it has a maximum adult weight rating of 24 stone so once the children have gone to bed the adults can bounce and play on the trampoline or play with the children on the trampoline as at twelve feet in diameter its big enough for everyone.
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