12ft Trampoline Exercise Fun and Fitness.

12ft Trampoline Exercise Fun and Fitness with the 12ft Air King Pro Trampoline with free next day delivery.

12ft trampoline exercise fun and fitness including a safety net to keep the children safe inside the trampoline, a free ladder to help the smaller children climb up into and out of the trampoline and a 12ft trampoline cover which protects the trampoline from rain and snow as you can leave the trampoline out all year round.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun and Fitness.

Exercise fun and fitness is what you get from a 12ft trampoline, trampolining is one of the best forms of cardio vascular fitness as you use all of your body in trampolining, it's a low impact exercise too as you are bouncing on a rubber mat surrounded by springs.

Guaranteed from rusting for five years and with an all weather protection cover rain, snow or sunshine won't cause this 12ft trampoline to fade, crack, lose colour or lose bounce.

Adults can get 12ft trampoline exercise fun and fitness too as the trampoline has a maximum adult weight of 19 stone or 120kg which means you and the children can bounce as hard and as high as you like without worry.

Supplied with free delivery by next day courier so you will have your trampoline in a hurry and the children can be using the trampoline the very next day after you purchase.

Eighty springs provide the bounce for this trampoline its fun to exercise and keep fit on a trampoline, trampoline fitness is not just for children but for adults too so you can buy a trampoline the whole family will want to enjoy.

The trampoline is 12ft in diameter so all you need is a bit of wooden decking, concrete floor, paving slab area or grass to setup the eight legs of this trampoline, eight legs provides maximum stability and is perfectly safe to use on grass even if the grass is wet after rain.

The AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is not just for the children adults can used this trampoline too as its rated for up to 24 stone so you can bounced with your children and use the trampoline to keep fit and lose weight as trampolining is a great way to lose weight as your bouncing up and down using the bodes two largest muscle groups your arms and your legs, getting out of breath and burning lots of calories the perfect way to get that thirty minutes of moderate exercise that will leave you out of breath that the doctors are always advising.

Trampolines are great for shaping and toning your hips, thighs, calves, buttocks, arms and shoulders as well as losing weight so if your looking to tone a=or build strength in your arms and legs your find this 12ft trampoline ideal and even when you fall over the soft trampoline surface just bounces back.

Children will love jumping as high as they can on this trampoline and with 96 high bounce springs your getting a lot of bounce and its nit only the springs that make you jump high the trampoline mat (the floor of the trampoline) is made from a synthetic rubber which has great elasticity and helps you bounce up and down without overstretching the rubber, couple the rubber and the springs together and you have a trampoline that really lets you jump high.

Safety padding is provided around the outside edge of the trampoline and this will prevent injury should someone fall or jump on the spring areas as this padding covers the springs, the padding is a closed cell polyurethane which resists cracking went bent and is waterproof and resistant to UV radiation discolouring from sunlight.

This 12ft trampoline has been lowered in price and now represents excellent value for money.
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