Trampoline Exercise Fun.

12ft Trampoline Exercise Fun is what you get when you buy the AirKing Pro 12ft Trampoline outdoor fun in the garden for children and adults alike, it's a great form of cardiovascular exercise as you use all parts of your body in bouncing, get the children away from the TV with a 12ft trampoline.

The 12ft trampoline is big enough that their friends can bounce with them too, adults can also use this trampoline as it has a maximum adult weight of 120kg or 19 stone, so bounce all you like and the safety enclosure which is a netting fence which surrounds the trampoline will keep you and your children safe inside the trampoline without falling off, then when you have finished trampolining just unzip the door in the safety enclosure netting and climb down on the shirt ladder provided.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

12ft Outdoor Trampoline.

Delivery is free so you don't have to worry about carrying your 12ft trampoline home, its supplied in a couple of boxes and easily fits through garden gates, arches, side entrances and the myriad of other entrances that make up a garden entrance at home.

The trampoline has a 5 year guarantee and is weatherproof so you can leave it out in the garden through the winter and it won't rust or fade.

There's 80 springs in this 12ft trampoline from AirKing so plenty of springs to give a good and fun bounce, your children will be inviting their friends over to play on their trampoline and it's a great way to make friends and have some fun and perfectly safe as you know where the children are at all times, there on the trampoline inside the safety netting that makes up the safety enclosure, its safe play for kids and safe play for adults too!

The AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is a large trampoline that's a lot of fun the and comes with all the safety gear to keep your kids safe including a safety enclosure which fits around the outside edge of the trampoline and prevents your children from falling out by providing a physical barrier to stop them falling of the edge the safety enclosure is a netting fence that will gently push anyone who falls against the safety enclosure accidentally or on purpose back into the middle of the trampoline and there are no gaps between safety enclosure and trampoline so little hands and figures can't get caught.

Around the outside edge of the frame is where the springs are connected to the frame and these springs are covered with a closed cell safety pad which will prevent injury should anyone fall or bounce on the safety pad the pads are also resistant to rainwater, cracking and discolouration from sunlight and cracking from bending.

The safety enclosure has a door built into the netting which is fastened with a toggle button so the kids are safe playing or bouncing on the trampoline and because you can see through the netting n you can watch the kids form inside the house whilst they are playing and with a trampoline is a very safe way for the children to play as you know where they are at all times and when they are not bouncing on the trampoline they are using the trampoline as a hideout, den or house there's lots of fun to be had with a trampoline other than bouncing.

The trampoline has large frame legs which provide stability and make sure that the trampoline cannot tip over even when all the children are bouncing on one side of the trampoline.
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