12ft Garden Trampoline.

12ft Trampoline the 12ft AirKing Pro trampoline is an outdoor trampoline for your garden.

With a discounted price of two hundred pounds, free delivery an included safety enclosure its no wonder that this 12ft trampoline has become a best seller.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

12ft AirKing Pro Trampoline.

Popular trampolines like the 12ft AirKing Pro trampoline have become very popular in gardens and for outside use they are waterproof and weatherproof, they won't fade in sunshine or spoil in the wet, the trampoline base is water resistant and shakes of water easily.

The metal parts of the trampoline are guaranteed against rust for five years, so you know its safe to leave the trampoline out in the garden in the showers.

For safety this 12ft trampoline has a safety enclosure, a netting fence all the way round the trampoline, the netting fence is secured with poles that have a foam padding around them, so if you or your children bounce on the safety enclosure your bounce right back without injury.

With eighty springs its a very bouncy trampoline and the children will love the height they can achieve with a few good bounces, adults can use this 12ft trampoline as it has a maximum user weight of nineteen stone.

For maximum stability the AirKing Pro trampoline has eight legs which hold the trampoline firmly on all outdoor surfaces like grass, concrete or block slabs.

This 12ft trampoline is delivered flat pack with all tools necessary included, so don't worry that the trampoline won't fit in your house, the parts are flat packed and you assemble it in the back garden.

With free delivery, a discounted two hundred pound price this AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline is a best seller.

The AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is a large trampoline that provides plenty of space for the whole family to have fun together and at twelve foot in diameter its the same length as two tall adults lying head to toe in a straight line to give you an idea of its size.

There are 96 high bounce springs on this 12 foot trampoline and these springs work with the trampoline mat which is highly elastic to provide the high bounce that you get from this trampoline the springs are zinc plated to prevent rusting of the springs and the trampoline frame is made from galvanised steel again to prevent rusting and the trampoline is supplied with a five year anti-rust warranty.

The trampoline jump mat is made from a synthetic rubber called polypropylene which has good elastic properties without overstretching.

The trampoline frame has large legs which won't sink into your lawn as the spread the weight of the trampoline across your lawn rather than localised it in one spot that would cause the trampoline to sink or leave marks on your lawn, the trampoline can be easily moved by sliding the trampoline over the grass without leaving damage to your grass and this is useful when you want to mow underneath or simply to move the trampoline to a new location in your garden.

The trampoline legs can be used on grass, sand, soil, wood, wood chip, concrete, paving slabs and many more surfaces where the large legs will help spread the load.

The trampoline is supplied flat packed for home assemble and will take approximately one hour to assemble all the tools required are included and the assembly instructions are in plain English and easy to understand.

This 12ft trampoline has been lowered in price and is now bargain priced.
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