14ft Trampoline great for Children and Adults alike.

The AirKing 14ft Trampoline is a Large Trampoline suitable for both Children and Adults, with a maximum adult weight of 120kg or 19 stone, so don't worry about breaking this trampoline, it's very strong and has a 5 year warranty.

The large AirKing Trampoline has a Weatherproof cover which will keep the rain off the trampoline and keep the trampoline looking good for years to come.

14ft Large Trampoline with Safety Net, AirKing, Weatherproof

14ft Trampoline

The trampoline also has a built in safety net, so feel free to bounce up and down and not worry about hurting yourself as the safety net fits all around the trampoline and will stop you falling out.

With 88 springs supporting this 14ft trampoline you can bounce real high and not worry if your a little over weight, as the trampoline has a maximum person weight of 19 stone.

Included with the trampoline is a ladder which will just help you climb that step up which is just a little higher than you could climb without the ladder.

Trampolines are so much fun and with this 14ft trampoline, which is bigger than two large 6ft adults lying end to end you will have so much fun and get fit too.

The AirKing Lite 14ft trampoline with safety enclosure has a polypropylene trampoline mat which actually lets water pass through so when it rains your neighbours are having to use s brush to get the water off the trampoline mat whilst your trampoline won't be waterlogged at all and the children can start bouncing on the trampoline as soon as its stopped raining and with no stagnant water building up on the trampoline your trampoline will always look good without water marks and dirty water build up like you find on other trampolines.

The large legs of this 14ft trampoline makes it easy to move around the garden as the legs don't stick into the grass but instead sit on top of the grass so when you drag the trampoline around the garden when your mowing the lawn you won't get scrape marks on the lawn as you drag as the trampoline will glide on the grass without marking.

The springs which are on the edge of the trampoline mat connected to the frame are covered with closed cell foam padding which does not crack and will last outside in all weathers, with the padding in place you won't get hurt if you fall on the springs and to prevent anyone falling out of the trampoline a safety enclosure surrounds the trampoline this is a large fence made from a synthetic netting with poles that secure the net to the trampoline, the poles are also covered in safety padding to prevent injury.

Should someone go near the edge of the trampoline the safety enclosure is there to prevent them falling off the edge in fact the only way ion or out of the trampoline is through the door in the safety enclosure which is also made of synthetic netting and has a toggle fastening.

This large trampoline is ideal for parties as if you want to control who can go in or out of the trampoline at a party the door in the safety enclosure with its toggle fastening makes it easy to allow children in or out in an orderly fashion.
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