14ft Trampoline great fun for the kids and safe too.

Looking for a large trampoline, the 14ft AirKing Pro is one of the largest trampolines available, in diameter it's 14ft thats wider than two fully grown adults lying end to end.

It's bouncy too, with 112 springs to keep you bouncing up and down you will be able to reach some good heights, perfect for children and adults alike, with 112 springs heavier adults can still enjoy trampolining.

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AirKing Pro 14ft Trampoline.

Children are safe on this huge trampoline, with a safety enclosure that surrounds the trampoline completely, you can't land on the ground outside the trampoline area.

The safety net acts as a wall preventing you from falling to the floor, so kids and adults alike can be sure of a fun time without the worry of injury.

Great for parties and all round garden fun, 14ft trampolines are big enough for your kids to play together.

The AirKing Pro 14ft trampoline with safety enclosure is a very big trampoline for your back garden there's lots and lots of space for the children and the whole family to jump around and with 112 springs your getting a great bounce the large jump mat allows water to pass through it so the trampoline won't get water logged when it rains and the trampoline won't suffer from mildew or rot like other trampolines do.

This is one of the strongest trampolines available with ten rows of perimeter stitching securing the v-rings that hold the springs in place most other manufacturers use four or five rows of stitching so within ten rows of stitching your really getting a very strong and hardwearing trampoline and the frame is made from tough steel tube which has been galvanised on the inside of the tube as well as the outside of the tube to make the steel rust proof and all the welding on the trampoline has been done by a laser welder for added strength.

There's eight legs on the AirKing Pro 14ft trampoline and these legs are large and flat and able to sit securely on a range of surfaces from grass to sand, wood chip to concrete and paving slabs so you won't have any problems with movement and on grass the large flat legs make the trampoline easy to push around the lawn when you want to mow the grass underneath or when you want to move the trampoline to a different area of the garden.

There's a five year warranty with this trampoline and delivery is free so there's no more to pay and you get all the safety pads for the poles and the springs included so everyone stays safe as if you bounce onto a safety pad you won't get hurt.
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