Pink dumbbells and blue dumbbells

Available in two colours pink dumbbells and blue dumbbells and two weights 1kg dumbbells and 0.5kg dumbbells these soft grip foam covered dumbbells are great for adding strength exercises to your aerobic or cardiovascular exercises.

If you like walking or running on the treadmill but worry that your only doing cardio not weights then these dumbbells are for you, simply hold these dumbbells as you walk or run on the treadmill or when out road running or walking.

1kg and 0.5kg Soft Grip Foam Covered Dumbbells in Blue or Pink

Soft Grip Foam Covered Dumbbells in Blue or Pink.

If you have a step class or an aerobics class, do some strength training with these weights so it's not all cardio.

The pink dumbbell is great for girls, guys too, but you might get some odd looks down the gym, so for guys there is a blue dumbbell.

The pink dumbbell is 0.5kg in weight and the blue dumbbell is 1kg in weight, that's the perfect weight for the girls (pink dumbbell) and boys (blue dumbbell) because the goal here is not to carry as much weight as possible but just to tone your muscles as you perform aerobic exercise.

The dumbbells are supplied in packs of two, one for each hand.

The dumbbell is covered in soft foam, it won't slip or get sweaty in your hands and if you do drop them your less likely to hurt yourself or anything else with the foam padding.

These dumbbells are brightly coloured in blue foam and pink foam, they are not the old fashioned boring black or steel dumbbells you see down the gym, these dumbbells can be used both in the home or in the gym.

Holding dumbbells while you walk or run has got to be the easiest way to tone your body and add something extra to your exercise routine.

Both the pink dumbbell and the blue dumbbell are available with free delivery.

Get these pink and blue dumbbells, perfect his and hers dumbbell sets.
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