The 6 Second Abs Trainer ensures you have the correct posture.

The 6 Second Abs Trainer is 15 times more effective than doing sit-ups, it works by ensuring you have the correct posture to work your abs.

The 3 click system ensures your abs are worked correctly, just listen to the clicks as you push down on your abs trainer.

6 Second Abs Trainer

6 Second Abs Trainer.

Inside the 6 Second Abs machine are elastic cords which you can swap out for greater or less resistance while you work your abs.

You can start with less resistance and as your abs muscles develop, you can add more cords to increase the resistance.

The abs workout is so effective because it holds your position correctly, with normal sit-ups you have to hold posture yourself and know the correct technique and try to force yourself to not change posture as you tire, with 6 second abs, the machine itself maintains your posture for you.

If your not working the correct muscle groups - your abdominal muscles, then you won't be getting a nice set of six pack abs, with 6 second abs every exercise you do is exactly the right posture for building abdominal muscles.

Looking for great abs, then look for 6 second abs.
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