Swiss Ball for exercising and just having fun for you and the family.

65cm Swiss Ball, use this exercise ball for general toning, to improve balance, develop your core muscles and general keeping fit for you and the family.

The Swiss Ball is over half a metre in diameter (0.65 metres) 65 cm, such a large exercise ball is a lot of fun, use it to just sit and watch television whilst you perform some of the exercises in the included DVD.

65cm Swiss Ball, Pump, 40 Exercises DVD, Burst Resistant to 47 Stone

65cm Swiss Ball

The DVD contains 40 different Swiss Ball exercises for you to try from simple toning to all round workouts.

Use the exercise ball to improve your posture or for warming up or in conjunction with hand dumbbells.

The Swiss ball includes a Swiss ball pump so you can pump your exercise ball up when it arrives, and when you want to store the Swiss ball simply deflate the ball and store it flat.

If you have back or posture problems, many times your Doctor will recommend a Swiss Ball, more commonly known as an Exercise Ball, sitting on the ball whilst working at your desk or whilst watching TV will help to improve your posture making you sit in a more natural position and causing your back muscles to relax and not spasm.

When you use the Swiss Ball for exercise the included DVD shows more vigorous exercises you can do to tone up your stomach areas, buttock areas, legs and thighs.

The Swiss Ball is not only great for exercise, the kids will love it too, it's great for rolling around the garden and playing games with, and of course if you need the room simply deflate and store.

Made from tough rubber that won't easily puncture or discolour this Blue Swiss Ball can provide lots of fun, from improving posture to losing weight to playing with the children.

Few pieces of exercise equipment have such varied uses or are so cheap to buy.
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