Folding Snooker Table.

The 6ft Folding Snooker Table is ideal when you don't have room for a permanent snooker table and want to move the table out the way for easy storage and don't want to spend any time at all on reassembly, but still have a quality and sturdy snooker table to play on.

The snooker table folds vertically and has wheels for easy moving, when in use the wheels don't touch the ground so don't worry about the table moving when your playing it's rock solid, the wheels only touch the ground when the snooker table is folded and ready for moving.

6ft Folding Snooker Table - BCE FS-6 : Easy To Store

Wheels for easy storage.

With quality a cloth table and pockets the folding snooker table also comes with two piece cues for easy storage, snooker balls, 15 ball triangle, two snooker cue chalks, and a brush to keep the cloth clean.

The snooker table has a quality black ash effect finish and will match well with other items of furniture.

The folding table when ready for play has a size of 183cm x 91cm x 79cm (72 inches x 36 inches x 31 inches) or 6 feet x 3 feet x 2.59 feet, so in its unfolded and game ready state it's a full size table, perfect if you're a keen snooker player but never thought you would have a house big enough for a snooker table.

It's easy to wheel the snooker table around when it's folded you can store it flat against a wall, or in the garage ready to be assembled at a moment's notice, if you or your children are made keen snooker players but the children's rooms are just not big enough for a snooker table then consider this 6ft folding snooker table.

The 6ft folding snooker table comes with free delivery so you don't even have to worry about the cost of delivery making this table expensive, it's a inexpensive snooker table with some great features.
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