75cm Swiss Ball that won't burst no matter how hard you jump.

75cm with pump and exercise DVD containing 40 different Swiss Ball exercises.

The Swiss Ball is delivered flat and a ball pump is included for you to pump up the Swiss ball, delivery is free.

75cm Swiss Ball with Pump and DVD

75cm Swiss Ball

Once the Swiss ball has been pumped up, it stays pumped up, you won't find your Swiss ball slowly deflating as it's made to last from high quality exercise grade rubber.

Should you want to pack your Swiss ball away so it takes up less room, simply deflate and store flat.

With a burst resistance of up to 47 stone you're not going to be able cause this ball to burst.

Suitable for all the family to use from improving posture and core body muscle strength to increasing your abs and back muscle strength.

Or for a bit of fun use it as a chair while you watch TV, combine your TV viewing with a few exercises.

Exercise along to the included Swiss ball exercise DVD, with 40 different exercises you are sure to keep your interest as it doesn't have to be repetitive.

Use the Swiss ball either as your entire exercise regime or just for warming up, the choice is yours.

It's the simplest, cheapest, easiest piece of gym equipment to own in your own home, coupled with the included DVD it forms a great workout regime, like having your own personal trainer with you each day.

You can also do body weight exercises or include some dumbbell workouts whilst exercising on the ball.

All the family can enjoy using the Swiss ball from those who want to get fit, keep fit or lose a few pounds, the children will just enjoy bouncing around with the ball and with a 47 stone burst resistance, there's no danger of them bursting the ball.
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