Professional 8ft Trampoline.

8ft Trampoline for adults and children, it's a professional trampoline for use in the garden.

When we say professional trampoline we mean as well as the children playing and bouncing it's also designed for adults, it will support an adult weighing up to 26 stone, and as designed for adult use so the bounce is not limited like it is on childrens only trampolines.

8ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro Trampoline with Enclosure

8ft Trampoline.

This 8ft trampoline is an outdoor trampoline and can be left in the garden all year round as it's waterproof and the trampoline surface will shake off water, all the metal parts won't rust either as they use steel with a rust proof coating called galvanised steel.

The frame is guaranteed for 5 years to be free from rust, so that's great piece of mind and there's a one year guarantee on all other items.

This 8ft trampoline is safe for adults and children as included is a safety enclosure which completely surrounds the trampoline and will prevent you from falling off the trampoline, if children or adults fall against the enclosure the soft yet strong enclosure will bounce them right back.

Adults bounce higher than children and require a trampoline with a stronger trampoline surface so it doesn't break or overstretch or indeed hit the ground, with this professional 8ft trampoline adults can bounce and exercise as much as the children without fear of damaging the trampoline.

During the winter months you can leave the trampoline in the garden if you like as its fully waterproof and guaranteed against rust for 5 years.

For extra stability required for the increased weight when adults are bouncing the trampoline has eight legs and for the highest bounce of any professional trampoline 68 high bounce springs are used.

With free delivery, ladder and safety enclosure this 8ft trampoline is ideal for adults and children.

The AirKing Pro 8ft trampoline with safety enclosure is an ideal garden trampoline as its not so large that it takes over all your garden especially if you have a small garden and its not so small that both children and adults can't bounce on it and have lots of fun.

With a 24 stone maximum weight both children and adults can use this trampoline without worrying about overloading and with the safety enclosure every is kept safe as the safety enclosure acts like a fence to keep everyone inside the trampoline without falling off as the safety enclosure is made of netting and acts as a barrier to physically prevent anyone from falling out.

Whilst trampolines are ideal for children as they provide lots of opportunity to bounce and have fun or use the trampoline as a den or play houses they are also ideal for adults who want to get fit or lose some weight or improve the strength in their arms and legs and trampolining is a great source of cardio activity (activity which raises your heart rate and helps exercise) as your using the two largest groups of muscles in your body your arms and your legs.

As you bounce your burning calories which will help you lose weight and the act of bouncing tones and shapes the muscles in your arms and legs especially your buttocks, thighs, calves, tummy and arms.

The trampolines includes a trampoline ladder which makes getting in or out of the trampoline easy for any age and the large metal legs won't damage your lawn as the legs don't dig into your lawn so you won't have holes in your lawn and as the trampoline floats on the large legs its easy to push the trampoline to a new area of lawn when you want to mow underneath or just when you want to reposition the trampoline in another area of the garden.
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