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The AirKing 8ft Trampoline is a childs trampoline for the back garden, perfect during the summer holidays when you can watch your children playing in their own grown up version of a playpen.

With a maximum child or adult weight of 19 stone (120kg) there is no reason why you can't join in too bouncing around and having fun with your children, of course trampolining is a great way to keep fit too.

8ft Trampoline for Children

8ft Trampoline.

With an 8ft diameter trampoline it will fit into everyone's back garden (a full size adult is 6ft so if you can lie down in your garden there's probably enough room for an 8ft trampoline.

A safety curtain is provided, this is a net which stops anyone bouncing off the trampoline onto the floor.

60 springs provide the bounce for the AirKing trampoline, you can get a lot of bounce with 60 springs, practice bouncing and landing on your bottom or bouncing and jumping to see how high you can get.

The great thing about a trampoline is it keeps your children where you can see them in the garden, the trampoline is really like a big playpen, that your kids would hate if you tried to make them stay in a playpen, but there more than happy to spend all day in the trampoline either bouncing and laughing with their friends or simply sitting on the trampoline chatting with their friends.

The trampoline is weatherproof so it doesn't matter if it gets wet, the fully galvanised steel won't rust and the trampoline materials won't fade in the sun.

The trampoline has a 1 year guarantee, so if anything goes wrong with the trampoline in it's first year the trampoline will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The trampoline is delivered in a flat pack and can be assembled by two people in one hour, so order today and you and your family can be bouncing on your very own garden trampoline tomorrow.

The AirKing Pro 8ft trampoline with safety enclosure is the ideal garden trampoline as its completely weatherproof and won't rust, rot or be rain, sunlight, frost or snow so you can leave the trampoline out in the garden all year round every year meaning your only ever need to assemble the trampoline once and that's when its first delivered, delivery is free so there's no extras to pay for and with a discounted price this 8ft trampoline is excellent value for money.

The metal frame is made from steel that has been galvanised so it won't rust in fact AirKing offer a five year guarantee on the frame not rusting as the galvanise the steel tube on the outside and even the inside of the steel tube.

Assembly of your trampoline will take about one hour and all the tools you need are included with the trampoline you don't need many tools but what you do need has been supplied, two people are recommended to assemble the trampoline as one person can hold the parts to be assembled whilst the other person does the assembly making things easier but you can of course assemble the trampoline by yourself if you wish your find the instructions are easy toi follow and are written to a good standard of English so no wondering what those badly translated words mean and with the illustrations of each step of the trampoline build you can just follow along with the pictures.

The trampoline mat is made from a synthetic rubber called polypropylene which has very high elasticity so coupled with the high bounce springs your get a good bounce, the trampoline mat is a weave of polypropylene material which allows rain water to pass straight through the mat so your trampoline surface will never be wet or waterlogged.
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