Childrens 8ft Trampoline.

8ft Trampoline from AirKIng Pro with safety net and safety fence to keep the children safe and inside the trampoline, if the children bounce against the soft yet strong safety fence they will just gently bounce back, all metal is covered in soft foam and springs and attachments are made from galvanised metal which does not rust and carries a five year guarantee.

This is a 8ft square trampoline which provides a bigger space for bouncing especially if two children are on the trampoline at the same time, of course the trampoline is not just for bouncing with the safety fence children like making the trampoline into a den.

8ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro Trampoline with Enclosure

AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline.

As well as the included safety enclosure this 8ft trampoline has a ladder which is great for the smaller children who would otherwise need a hand up onto the trampoline.

You get a high bounce of this childrens 8ft trampoline thanks to 68 high bounce springs, children love to bounce on the trampoline and adults love to watch them enjoying themselves.

The AirKing Pro 8ft trampoline is waterproof and won't lose colour and fade over time, even if you leave the trampoline out in the sun and rain, many people leave their 8ft trampoline outside over the winter, and with a 5 year anti-rust warranty you can be assured it will be fine.

Summer showers won't stop the children using the trampoline as the trampoline mat, the trampoline bouncing surface dispels water quickly and so is ready for the children to use straight after the rain.

Delivery is free so you won't have to worry about fitting the trampoline into your car, and after delivery at home, the trampoline is supplied folded up in just a few small boxes and can easily be carried through garden gates or through the house or flat to reach the garden.

The AirKing Pro 8ft trampoline with safety enclosure offers a high bounce thanks to the 66 springs which have been zinc plated so they won't rust and the trampoline mat which is elastic and works with the springs to provide a high bounce the trampoline mat is made from polypropylene and is waterproof allowing rainwater to actually pass straight through the polypropylene weave material so the trampoline won't stay wet or become waterlogged and need sweeping out with a broom like some other makes of trampoline plus you won't suffer with rot or mildew as the rainwater won't stay on the trampoline.

The trampoline mat is also resistant to sunlight damage caused by UV (Ultra Violet) light damage which can cause discolouration and cracking in other makes of trampoline but not with AirKing whose trampolines are UV resistant.

The trampoline frame is made from strong stainless steel tube which can support a weight of 24 stone and won't rust as the frame has been galvanised to give the frame a nice shiny look and extreme rust resistant and in fact the frame is guaranteed against rust for 5 years.

The trampoline mat is secured to the trampoline by the 66 high bounce springs these springs are clipped onto v-rings sewn into the outside edge of the trampoline mat where ten rows of stitching have been used to hold the springs onto the trampoline mat firmly whilst other trampoline manufacturers would typically use five rows of stitching AirKing use ten rows of stitching making the trampoline twice as strong as its rivals where your able to bounce as high as you like without having to take care that your bouncing too high or too hard and may damage the trampoline perfect for kids who will certainly put any trampoline through its paces.
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