Advanced Multigym 21 Machines in 1.

Advanced Multigym the IronMan Advanced Multigym has 21 different exercise machines in the 1 multigym saving you lots of money and lots of space in your home.

Imagine trying to be able to afford 21 different exercise machines or imagine trying to fit 21 different exercise machines into your home it wouldn't be possible, but with the advanced multigym you save money and save space in your home.

Home Gym, IronMan Advanced Multigym

Advanced Multigym.

You get all these exercise machines combined into one multigym at pull down bar, front pull downs, rear pull downs, triceps extensions, assisted crunches, chest station, chest press, shoulder press, front butterfly, rear butterfly, leg station, leg extension, leg curls, sidekicks, strap sidekicks, arm rest, bicep curls, pulley station, rowing, upright rowing, seated rowing, bent rowing, preacher curls, bicep curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.

You also get a weight stack included with the advanced multigym, you get 68kg of weight already included, it's just as well the delivery is free of charge with all that weight being couriered to you!.

There's an advanced pulley system which means that all 21 exercise machines are ready to go without any setting up, there's no cables to move or buttons to flick, just sit down at the piece of equipment you want to use and start your workout no tinkering with the advanced multigym required.

The multigym is made from solid steel box section and is very strong giving years of use and saving you lots of money as you won't have to buy any additional pieces of exercise equipment.
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