AirKing Lite 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Review of the AirKing Lite 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure an Entry Level Trampoline with Quality Construction and 5 Year Warranty.

Buying a trampoline for the first time then the AirKing Lite 8ft Trampoline is a great deal not only do you get a very safe trampoline that comes with safety enclosure and trampoline ladder so children can easily climb up the trampoline but you get a 5 year warranty and free delivery.
AirKing Lite 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Entry Level Trampoline.

Entry Level Trampoline, Quality Cosntruction, 5 Year Warranty.

Making the bounce are 48 high bounce springs and a trampoline jump mat that's made from polypropylene which is a synthetic rubber that has great bounce as well as being self draining so when it rains the water will drain of the jump mat and you can continue using the trampoline where other people who have purchased a trampoline that is not self draining will have to use a broom to sweep the water off and then dry out the trampoline surface before they can bounce again, so come the rain and your children will be bouncing again quicker than your neighbours.

The trampoline jump mat is also resistance to UV light and so won't crack or fade in sunlight, the frame of the trampoline has a 5 year warranty against rust, and the large legs won't scar your lawn as the legs sit on the top of the grass so your lawn won't be ruined plus this is a light trampoline that's easy to move around the garden so if you decide you would rather have the trampoline in another part of the garden its easy to move by two people carrying one at each end or you can simply slide the trampoline along on its large legs.

On the trampoline mat the springs are secured to the frame by trampoline hoops, these hoops have to be stitched into the trampoline and AirKing use ten rows of stitching to secure the hoops that's very high quality considering other manufacturers would only use four rows of stitching.
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