BH Fitness XFlex Elliptical Cross Trainer.

BH Fitness XFlex Elliptical Cross Trainer that's Designed for Rehabilitation and Getting Back Into Shape.

The BH Fitness XFlex Elliptical Cross Trainer is a strong, hardwearing elliptical trainer that's designed to support you and start off slowly and easily whilst having the capacity for a full and powerful workout as your rehabilitation improves you can sue the BH Fitness XFlex Elliptical Cross Trainer if you have been injured and now need rehabilitation or if your unfit and its been many years since you did any exercise or maybe your overweight and need a hardwearing elliptical trainer that can ease you slowly back into exercised and losing weight.
BH Fitness XFlex Elliptical Cross Trainer, Designed for Rehabilitation.

Designed for Rehabilitation, Getting Back Into Shape

The BH Fitness XFlex Elliptical Cross Trainer is maintenance free no serving or maintenance tasks are needed ever so you're save money straight away and with free delivery the price you see really is the price you pay.

You can design your own workout profile to work harder ion certain aspects like building up the muscles in your arms or legs or fat loss the elliptical trainer is good for strengthening your ankles, calves, thighs, tummy muscles, buttocks, losing weight off the hips and strengthening shoulders and arm muscles too you can divide the exercises into lower body and full body so you needn't work on the upper body if its not a part of your rehabilitation program.

Used the fixed handlebars for lower body work and the moving handlebars for whole body work there's pulse sensors in the handlebars that measure your pulse and calculate your heart rate simply by holding the handlebars as you exercise your heart arte is displayed on screen and used by 3 heart rate control exercise programmes which allow specific cardiovascular zones like fat burning to be targeted whilst exercising the elliptical trainer will automatically monitor your heart rate and adjust the difficulty levels to maintain a safe heart rate whilst pushing you as much as possible whilst keeping you safe.
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