8ft Garden Trampoline.

AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline is a Bestselling 8ft Trampoline for use outdoors in the garden for both children and adults.

With the included safety enclosure this 8ft trampoline is very safe, its rust proof and water proof too and that's why it has become the best 8ft trampoline available.

8ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro Trampoline with Enclosure

AirKing Pro Outdoor 8ft Trampoline.

There's 68 springs on this trampoline so you and the children will be able to bounce, play and have lots of fun together.

Its guaranteed for 5 years against the metalwork rusting so you can safely leave the trampoline out in the rain or even the snow!

Free delivery means you won't have any extra expense or the need to take the trampoline home in the car, just order online and it will be delivered to your door.

Want to trampoline with the kids, with a maximum trampoline user weight of 26 stone now you can.

Let the children have a trampoline party, invite all their friends and have a good bounce and play together, its easy to keep an eye on them when there playing on the trampoline together.

With blue safety mat and brightly coloured foam poles the kids will love to play on the trampoline, its a great form of cardiovascular exercise too, encourage the children to play on the trampoline rather than be coach potatoes or playing in the street where you can't easily keep and eye on them.

The AirKing Pro 8ft trampoline with safety enclosure is easy to assemble as the trampoline comes with full instructions which are well written in English and include drawings showing you each stage of assembly so as well as reading the text you can look at the drawings and see how the trampoline fits together, assembly typically takes one hour assuming two people are assembling the trampoline whilst of course one person can assemble the trampoline two people are recommended one person to hold the parts to be assembled and the other person to fix the parts into position.

You won't need any DIY skills to assemble the trampoline and in fact everyone finds it easy to assemble the trampoline after they have read the instructions with single mothers to grand parents able to assemble the trampoline easily and your be pleased top know no special tools are need for assembly either in fact all the tools you need are included with the trampoline so you won't have to buy or find any extra tolls or rely on a handyman as everyone can save money and assemble the trampoline themselves.

The trampoline has free delivery and is delivered by courier in its disassembled state the trampoline is small enough to fit easily into a standard courier box and can be left at the neighbours if you're out when the courier calls without the box being such an awkward size that your inconveniencing the neighbours.

The trampoline comes with a five year warranty on the frame it's an anti-corrosion warranty and a one year warranty on the other parts of the trampoline so if you have any problems your get a free repair or free replacement.

A trampoline ladder is included to make climbing on or off the trampoline easier and a safety enclosure is also included this is a betting fence that provides a physical barrier and stops anyone (child or adult) from falling of the trampoline.
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