Big Running Deck TrackSpeed 3200i

The TrackSpeed 3200i is a Big Treadmill with a Big Running Deck and Big Handlebars if you want the security, stability and power of a big treadmill get the TrackSpeed 3200i.

The big running deck will ensure that there's plenty of room to run on without losing your footing and feeling more like road running where there is no shortage of road!

TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill, Large Running Deck

Big Treadmill TrackSpeed 3200i.

The big handlebars will ensure you don't feel wedged in and stuck in a particular spot, there's room to move around and room for your hands and arms on the big handlebars.

The big treadmill will ensure that no matter what your weight or how hard a pounding you like to give a treadmill the TrackSpeed 3200i is more than up to the job, with a maximum users/runners weight of 16 stone or 100kg you can be sure you have a big treadmill that can handle big users.

Its a fully featured big treadmill with heart rate sensors built into the handlebars which will measure your pulse and display your heartrate on the built in display, there are even 48 different workout programmes built into the TrackSpeed 3200i which can work with your heartrate to automatically adjust your exercise programme as your heart rate lowers or increases giving you a custom made exercise programme tailored to your own heart rate.

With a powerful 3.5HP motor capable of 16kph you can run as fast as you like our pound as hard as you like and the big treadmill motor will keep the running deck moving without difficulty.
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