Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Review of the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike with Deluxe Computer, Touch Screen Controls and Electronically Adjustable Resistance Control.

With a exercise computer that has a large digital display and touch screen controls the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike is very easy to use and the resistance of the pedals (how hard it is to pedal) is controlled from the touch screen display, increase the resistance level to make it harder to pedal where your exercise harder and lose weight quicker or tone and firm your legs, thighs, calves and buttocks quicker that with a lower resistance level.
Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike, Deluxe Computer, Touch Screen Controls.

Deluxe Computer, Touch Screen Controls, Electronically Adjustable Resistance Control.

Choose a resistance level that pushed you just a bit and over the coming weeks increase the resistance level as your fitness level increases.

The drive system is a magnetic system which has several major advantages, firstly magnets are silent so the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike makes hardly any noise and is ideal for home use where you might want to cycle early in the morning or late at night and now you can without waking anyone else in the household up, also if you have a new baby and are trying to get fit again a silent exercise bike means that you can cycle even whilst watching baby sleep and because the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike has transport wheels you can tilt one end of the exercise bike and push the bike from room to room like a wheelbarrow.

There's twenty one exercise programmes built into the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike so there's something there for every interest and goal from losing weight to firming your buttocks and many more.

On the handlebars your find two sensors, hold these whilst you're cycling and your body fat will automatically be calculated using the resistance of your skin to measure body fat (a resistance reading is taken and because resistance varies based upon the amount of fat on your body a body fat measurement can be made), your body fat is then displayed as BMI Body Mass Index on the touch screen display.
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