Keep fit at home on the Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB.

The Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Cross Trainer is the ideal way to keep fit at home.

The BE-6650GX-HB uses a magnetic braking system to provide the force that you work against, this breaking system is very quiet and makes no noise like other belt driven systems, so it is perfect for the home environment where you don't want to disturb others while you exercise.

Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Cross Trainer

Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB.

The BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer, is so called because the handle bars more in an elliptical shape, some people choose just to do the step action and not use the handle bars, it's up to you, but using the handle bars to move your arms gives you a better cardio vascular workout, meaning a workout which gets you moving and burning calories.

Through the handle bars your heart rate is recorded by measuring your blood pressure, this is displayed on the cross trainers screen along with your speed, effort and even the room temperature so you can see how hot the room in which your exercising is.

The computer screen on the BE-6650GX-HB contains 16 different programs that will guide you through your exercise regime from programs to burn calories to timed programs and races. You control the level of effort you wish to exert and you can work up slowly to more advanced training programs as your general fitness improves.

The foot plates are adjustable for height, so don't worry if your smaller or larger than most.

If your looking for a good all round gym machine that will keep you fit and not look out of place in your home the Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Cross Trainer is highly recommended.
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