Body Sculpture Cross Trainer.

Body Sculpture Cross Trainer for Full Body Exercise works Shoulders, Arms, Calves, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks and Stomach Muscles.

If your looking for home exercise equipment that will work the whole body and all the bodies major muscle groups yet is low impact and won't actually make your joints worse from exercise then take a look at the Body Sculpture Cross Trainer which can work the upper body and the lower body either separately or all at the same time and because your feet never leave the pedals your not pounding your body with every step like you do on a treadmill.
Body Sculpture Cross Trainer, Full Body Exercise.

Full Body Exercise, Shoulders, Arms, Calves, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks, Stomach Muscles.

The Body Sculpture Cross Trainer has two sets of handlebars a fixed handlebar which is used for working just the lower body and a moving handlebar which works both the upper body and the lower body together so you can choose which muscles groups you want to work on.

The digital display shows everything you might want to see whilst exercising from your exercise time to the number of calories you have burned whilst exercising to the speed which your cross training and the distance you have cross trained (its home exercise equipment so you haven't really moved, but if you had that's how far you would have moved), a odometer showing the total distance you have travelled and a pulse meter showing you your pulse rate as measured from an embedded pulse sensor in the soft touch handlebars.

There's a resistance dial on the handlebars so you can alter how much resistance your pedalling against the greater resistance you select the harder it is to move the cross trainer pedals up and down.

The large foot plates give you the option to stand how you prefer to stand as your feet are not forced into a tiny box so you have and really do notice the extra room.
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