BodyTrain Free Weight Set.

With the BodyTrain Free Weight Set you get 2 x 10kg weights, 10 x 5kg weights, 4 x 2.5kg weights, 6 x 1.25kg weights, 6 x 0.5kg weights, 6kg long bar and 2 x 1.5kg dumbbell bars.

That's 100kg of free weights in 30 different weight sizes, plus you get screw clamps.

BodyTrain 100kg Bar, Free Weight Set

BodyTrain Free Weights.

The bars and weights are made from cast and are very strong, these weights will last you for years and can be used with all free weight systems, so if you already have some free weights and just want to add to your range, the BodyTrain Free Weight set will complete your existing set.

The bars are a bright silver and the weights heavy black, they really look the part, if your into your free weights BodyTrain have produced a great set.
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