Powerful Plate Technology.

The BodyTrain 500w Vibration Plate is a Powerful Vibration Plate for keeping fit and exercising.

There's fifty different speed levels on this powerful vibration plate and a powerful 500 watt motor to provide powerful vibrations.

BodyTrain Powerful Vibration Plate Exercise

BodyTrain 500w Powerful Plate.

Did you know that vibration plate exercise is far more effective than conventional floor based exercise in fact vibration plates are that powerful they are 50% more effective than floor exercise, what that means is that doing one vibration plate exercise is the same as doing one and half conventional floor exercises.

The BodyTrain 500w vibration plate has become a bestseller because its so effective at maximising your exercise time, its so much more effective than conventional exercise.

So what is a vibration plate exercise, its exercises performed on a vibrating plate where the machine vibrates at a speed controlled by you from small slow vibrations to fast impactful vibrations, generally the faster the vibration and the more powerful the vibration the more exercise benefit you will get from the powerful vibrations.

The control panel on this powerful vibration plate has a fat scan function which can automatically measure your BMI Body Mass Indicator so you can see how much fat you are losing.

The vibration plate can also give you either an automatic massage or a manual massage using the vibrations, you can even massage the soles of your feet.
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