Free Weight Set including 70 kg of weights.

The BodyTrain 70kg Free Weight Set includes 24 different free weights a bar and 2 dumbbells.

Included in the free weight set are 1 x bar, 2 x dumbbell bars, 2 x 10kg, 4 x 5kg, 4 x 2.5kg, 6 x 1.25 kg, 6 x 0.5kg weights, that's 70kg of weight in 24 different weights.

BodyTrain 70kg Bar and Free Weight Set

BodyTrain 70kg Free Weight Set.

In fact the BodyTrain free weight set is all you need to start your free weight regime, if you already have a home gym that uses free weights then you can use all these different weights in your home, bench or fitness gym.

To put it into perspective that's over 11 stone of weights or over 154 pounds of weight, that's a lot of weight by anyone's standards.

Start small with only the weight you feel comfortable with, and slowly build up the reps and build up the weights, with 154 pounds of weight, it's going to take you a while!

All the weights are made from solid cast iron and even the bars are made from solid cast iron, this weight set will take all you can give.

For your safety the free weight set includes a screw clamp for holding the free weights to the bar and dumbbells, the clamp will stop the weights falling off no matter how vigorous your exercise.

If you're into body building then your going to need a set of free weights and the BodyTrain 70kg free weight set is ideal.
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