BodyTrain GBD03501 Pilates Reformer available in the UK.

The BodyTrain GBD03501 Pilates Reformer is normally hard to find in the UK as are most Pilates Reformers.

But if your serious about Pilates then this is the first piece of equipment you should be buying.

BodyTrain GBD03501 Pilates Reformer

BodyTrain GBD03501 Pilates Reformer.

The Pilates Reformer is a frame on a gliding platform, similar to how a rowing machine seat glides backwards and forwards. The frame has springs, straps and pulleys attached to help you perform your Pilates techniques.

The springs can be inserted or removed to provide increased or reduced resistance to exercise.

The frame is made from high quality steel and the wide carriage gives you the maximum range of movements possible. For your comfort the headrest and shoulder blocks are heavily padded. The moving carriage is also heavily cushioned and easy glide bearings ensure smooth movement.

The BodyTrain GBD03501 Pilates Reformer also features a cardio board, so you have access to the fullest range of Pilates exercises.
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