BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

Review of the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Motorised Tension Control and 16 Professional Exercise Programs Built In.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike is a modern exercise bike where everything can be adjusted automatically, the motorised tension control adjusts how hard it is to pedal and therefore how hard your exercising, you can adjust the tension control from the buttons on the exercise computer which is situated in the middle of the handlebars within easy reach.
BodyTrain PURE Exercise Bike, Motorised Tension Control.

Motorised Tension Control, 16 Professional Exercise Programs Built In.

Simply select the tension increase or the tension decrease button on the digital display to make it easier or harder to pedal, making it harder to pedal will mean that your lose weight quicker, build leg muscle quicker, tone legs, tone thighs and tone your bottom quicker but of course it will be harder to pedal so choose a tension level that's manageable as you get fitter over the coming weeks you can slowly increase the tension level.

There's sixteen professionally designed exercise programs built into the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike and all these exercise programs are selectable from the exercise computers display and have specific goals like losing weight, toning and firming your buttocks, increasing heart rate, increasing cardiovascular activity and many more exerciser goals.

Adjust the height with the large hand wheel just below the seat, you don't need any tools to adjust the seta height as you can turn the large hand wheel with your hand so its much easier to adjust between individual users than many other makes of exercise bike which require tools just for the seat adjustment, the seat is also well padded and large so your sit comfortably without feeling like your on a racing bike.

The handlebars have several hand positions so you can find a position that's most comfortable for you from a top racing position to a side hear rate monitoring position to the front standard handlebar arrangement.
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