Powerful Vibration Plate.

BodyTrain Powerful Vibration Plate exercise machines are low cost ways to get a professional vibration plate for use in your home.

Costing mush less than 200 hundred pounds you can get a powerful vibration plate like the BodyTrain 500w which has built-in hand cords for added vibration exercise, three workout programmes, an amazing 50 different speed levels and a powerful 500w motor providing very deep and powerful vibrations (fully adjustable of course).

BodyTrain Powerful Vibration Plate Exercise

BodyTrain 500w Vibration Plate.

This powerful vibration plate is a large and solid machine it's not one of those very cheap flying saucers that you're meant to stand on and get the benefits of a vibrating exercise, this is a powerful and professional vibration plate.

Vibration Plates users with a maximum body weight of 21 stone can use a vibration plate for exercise, losing weight, trimming down, strengthening and toning. In fact a vibration plate is one of the few exercise machines that is suitable for and designed for a heavier weight user, the powerful 500w motor is smooth in operation and powerful enough to provide a good level of vibration to all users no matter what their weight.

There's a large computer screen located centrally in front of you which displays your time, speed and even offers a fat scan to tell you with a reading how fat you are and then as you continue to use the vibration plate over time you will see the fat scan reading go down as you lose weight.

The vibration plate controller can be set to offer an auto-massage, manual massage or even calculate your body fat index using a BMI Body Mass Indicator programme so you can easily gauge your weight loss and improvement over time.
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