Vibration Plate for squats, calf raises, lunges, push ups and dips.

The BodyTrain Pulse Vibration Plate is the new exercise everyone is talking about. With a vibration plate you can get 30-50% more muscle tone than exercise alone.

The idea is to exercise while using a vibration plate, the vibrations then help tone muscle while you do exercises like squats, calf raises, lunges, push ups and dips on the vibration plate.

BodyTrain Pulse Vibration Plate Powerful Plate Exercise

Vibration Plate.

Everyone is talking about vibration plates at the gym, it's the new exercise that saves you time as you get more exercise benefit on the vibration plate than exercise alone, some wild claims have been made like 10 minutes on a vibration plate is better than 1 hours running, whilst that's probably a little over enthusiastic vibration plates certainly do work.

Basically the plate of the vibration machine, vibrates whilst you do stretches and squats and calf raises, using these muscle groups while under vibration is better and more effective than doing these exercises just on a mat.

The BodyTrain Pulse Vibration Plate has a large 36kg plate and a powerful 200 watt motor that vibrates the plate while you exercise.

The vibration plates built in display lets you choose between 16 different speeds and 4 different vibration modes, a timer lets you exercise for a set amount of time each day.

If your bored with exercise and want a machine that has been claimed exercises for you, burning calories whilst you stand and exercise on the plate then look at the BodyTrain Vibration Plate it's excellent value for money and very sturdy construction.
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