Easy Treadmill

The BodyTrain T1200 Easy Treadmill is a very easy to use treadmill for the beginner and those unsure of treadmills and running machines.

Wide easy to hold handlebars ensure that whether you like to run or walk it's easy to hold the handlebars, even if you set an incline on the treadmill for walking or running uphill the handlebars are there when you need them, to grip or to steady yourself or even to pull yourself along with, the handlebars are wide enough that even the largest of users will be able to get between the handlebars easily.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

BodyTrain T1200 Easy Treadmill.

The large running track with a width of 15.3 inches and length of 40.1 inches is large enough to accommodate the largest of runners and with a large 14 stone maximum weight capacity of the user everyone can use this easy treadmill no matter what the weight or size.

To help the beginner the treadmill display screen actually contains three different displays so that speed, distance, heart rate and time can all be displayed at the same time without the new user having to memorise key presses to change the display, not to mention the balance problems new users have of trying to operate the controls whilst still running or walking along a moving conveyer.

To suit the beginner the speed increase and speed decrease buttons have been put directly on the side of the handlebars within easy reach whilst you are running or walking along, you won't have to take your eyes of your running or lose concentration when the controls are already directly under your fingertips.

The emergency stop button and cord for holding whilst you run, if you prefer to actually hold the emergency stop button whilst you run is located directly in front of you on the console.

For easy storage when you're not exercising the treadmill folds up so that it takes less room in your home, how's that for an easy treadmill.
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