Novice Treadmill

A Novice Treadmill like the BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill is ideal with its large handlebars to provide support whilst running, wide track so you not weary of falling off, emergency stop cord to stop yourself in a hurry, 3 different digital displays showing you all your running data at the same time, pulse and heartrate measurement by a handlebar sensor, speed increase and decrease control on the handlebars and a folding treadmill to make packing away afterwards easy.

Importantly for a novice treadmill are 12 professionally designed running exercise programmes built into the novice treadmill, simply select a program that matches your exercise goals like all our running, walking, running uphill, weightloss, leg tone, marathon, calorie counting, heartrate control and many more.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill.

With the wheels that appear when folded you can wheel the novice treadmill anywhere you like for storage or to use it in another room in the house.

Advantages of this treadmill are the ability to see three different readouts at the same time, speed, distance and heart rate for example as most other treadmills only have one display and you have to push buttons to change the reading with the BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill you can see all the readings all the time at the same time.

Free delivery and a 12 month warranty make this novice treadmill ideal.
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