Folding Treadmill Thats Simple To Use

Here's a Review of the BodyTrain T1200 a folding treadmill that's easy to store because it actually folds in half when not being used.

This treadmill review highlights why the BodyTrain T1200 is suitable for Newbies, it's a perfect Newbie Treadmill with big handle bars to hold on too, a powerful 2.5HP motor suitable for people with a maximum body weight of 14 stone, a big red stop button for when newbies need to stop in a hurry.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

Newbie Treadmill.

The built-in screen uses high contract red LED displays so it's ideal for runners and walkers with poor eyesight or those who prefer to exercise without glasses or contact lenses but obviously still want to read the display to see their heart rate, calories used or distance run.

If your a newbie runner you might not be wanting to spend a lot on a treadmill but don't want something cheap and nasty either, this is a mid range treadmill that is very popular amongst those just starting out, its keen price as well as strong construction, high visibility display and ability to fold up into half its size make it an ideal starter treadmill.

When your not using your treadmill or just want more room you can make the treadmill half the size by lifting up the running deck into a vertical position, it's easy to do and does not require any strength as the hydraulic systems folds the treadmill for you.

As well as a large red stop switch which makes newcomers feel safe that they can quickly stop the treadmill there is also a safety key on a lanyard, put the lanyard around your wrist with the key in the treadmill and then when you are walking or running and feel the need to stop quickly simply pull the key out of the treadmill by the lanyard, it's quick, safe and stops the treadmill instantly.
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