Simple Treadmill

The BodyTrain T1200 Simple Treadmill has been designed for those who want an easy to use treadmill with a modern design, that's safe and secure and will help them get fit or maintain there fitness.

The BodyTrain T1200 Simple Treadmill is a folding treadmill meaning that when not in use the running deck can be pushed into a vertical position to take up much less room.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

BodyTrain T1200 Simple Treadmill.

The BodyTrain T1200 Simple Treadmill is a simple treadmill that's very easy to use, but still employs some hi tech functions that make this simple treadmill a best seller.

Nice wide handlebars that are easy to hold are one of the major benefits of this simple treadmill, there's lots of room between the handlebars so you won't feel claustrophobic when you exercise.

A large and wide running track is another bonus with this simple treadmill, there's plenty of room for running or walking even for the novice or inexperienced treadmill running machine user.

There are three separate digital displays on the console designed specially to be easy to use, no need to worry about pressing mode or function or shift buttons to change the display, with three digital displays all the important running data is displayed all the time without the need to adjust this simple treadmill.

Fourteen exercise programmes and heart rate monitoring ensure that whilst being a simple to use treadmill it has all the features you would expect.
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