Built in heart rate monitor and exercise bike training computer.

The BodyTrain Tour 2000 Exercise Bike is very lightweight, perfect for home use where when not being used you will want to store your exercise bike out of the way.

Also the resistance when you peddle is controlled by silent magnetic resistance, so you won't have lots of noise in your home like some fan powered exercise bikes you can buy.

BodyTrain Tour 2000 Lightweight Exercise Bike

Lightweight Exercise Bike.

The exercise bike has a training computer which monitors the time elapsed, your speed, rpm and distance as well as works out the calories burned whilst exercising. The watts or power of your cycling and your heart rate are measured by sensors built into the hand grips.

The exercise bike computer contains eleven training programs which you can use to get fit, programmes include fat burn, fitness test, target heart rate, rolling roads and more.

Whilst you use the exercise cycle you can watch your heart rate and calories burned on the display, telling you instantly how you are performing. Start with an easy program with less effort required and build up gradually over the weeks as you become fitter and stronger.

The exercise bike has a fully adjustable seat so your bottom won't get sore, and the non-slip pedals have adjustable foot straps to hold your feet in place while you cycle, the adjustable straps will accommodate small to large feet with ease.

With a full years warranty this is an excellent exercise bike at a very good price.
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