Top of the range treadmill

The BodyTrain Treadmill is a powerful top of the range treadmill that folds away for easy storage.

The biggest most powerful treadmill you can buy for the home, the BodyTrain treadmill has a 4.5HP motor that powers the deck at speeds of up to 18 kph (11 miles an hour), that's pretty mush an Olympic record, you could easily to a marathon.

BodyTrain Treadmill, Top of the Range, Powerful Folding Treadmill

Top of the Range Treadmill.

A very large 510 mm x 1450 (20 inches by 57 inches) running deck means that running on this treadmill is much more like running on a road with plenty of room either side of you.

The treadmill folds up, the actual running deck moves from a horizontal position to a vertical position so the running deck disappears from your floor space and you can easily move the treadmill around on it's wheels, easy to store when not in use.

If you suffer from sore knees or legs whilst running but really like to run and don't want to give it up then you probably have never run on a cushioned deck running machine, this top of the range BodyTrain treadmill is fitted with an adjustable cushioned running deck, from the handlebar controls you can adjust the softness or hardness of the running surface making the surface of the running machine match your individual requirements, no more sore legs, no more sore knees and fewer trips to the physiotherapist.

For those of you who get bored running, the BodyTrain Treadmill has a full media centre on board playing music and video from MP3, WMV, JPG and many more audio and video formats, simply load up a SD card with all your music, video and photos and listen or watch the lot while you run.

It's great if you have inspirational photos, music or video of why you want to get fit, watch the photos or videos whilst you run and get inspired while you run, load the treadmill up with pictures of the children and family, load the treadmill up with video of an exotic holiday you have promised yourself once you have lost weight and got fit.

This BodyTrain Treadmill is top of the range, if your looking for a treadmill with all the features, then this is it.
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