The BodyTrain Fitness Bench makes an ideal home gym.

The BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym, Fitness Bench makes for an ideal home gym as it has so many different pieces of gym equipment built-in bench press, butterfly press, chest press, pull down bar, leg station, rowing station and bicep curl.

This fitness bench is made from strong steel section so whatever you throw at it and however hard you treat it the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym will be up to the job.

BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym, Fitness Bench

Bench Gym, Fitness Bench.

The unique two part design lets you separate and pull out the bench section leaving you with a real rowing machine in the bench section.

With padded hand and arm rests you won't get sore no matter how hard you exercise.

The metal is matt black in colour with the pads in a light red which makes the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym look like a beautiful piece of gym equipment, it's not flimsy and easily damaged, and you don't have to mess about connecting wires before you can use each exercise machine that is built into the home gym.

The back rest inclines to 7 different positions, so you won't have any trouble getting comfortable if your exercise regime involves a lot of reps.

A lat pull down bar lets you work on your lats, build up those shoulders and look like a real body builder.

The BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym has an adjustable bench seat where the seat can adjust to three different positions and the backrest can adjust to seven different positions the whole seat and backrest can be flat or up at a variety of angles so whatever position you like for the seat or backrest can be easily achieved, the seat and backrest are two tone red and black in colour with a PVC covering which is hard wearing and easy to keep clean and inside the seat and backrest is foam padding to make for a comfortable seat.

If you have a bad back its very important that you buy a bench gym with an adjustable backrest so you can get extra lumbar support.

When you're sat down on the seat with your back against the upright backrest you can use the chest press, its a combined chest press and butterfly press and you can change between the two by flicking a lever.

There's a padded arm rest for bicep curls which is easy to remove or insert on the bench gym as the arm rest simply pushes into place as it has a large pillar which fits into a hole on the bench gym just lift out and push in and because you can remove it your not cramped by having a piece of equipment on the home gym your not using or rarely use.

There's a lat pulldown bar which you can use in a seated position either sitting forwards for forwad lat pulldowns or sit backwards for reverse lat pulldowns, lat pulldowns are great for building up your shoulders, chest and arms.

There's a leg station for leg curls and leg extensions to build up your legs and the leg bars are surrounded in protective foam to prevent injury and sprains but also to hold your legs in the correct position for the most effective exercise which gives you the most benefit without straining.
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