Adjustable free weight bench for use with dumbbells.

The Bowflex Adjustable Free Weight Bench from the Bowflex 3.1 Series is easy to wheel around and easy to store, with free delivery included.

Use the Bowflex adjustable free weight bench to do over 30 different exercises, the Bowflex free weight bench corrects posture and ensures you are body building in the correct position as not to strain yourself, the weight bench ensures you get maximum benefit from the weights you train with, ensuring every rep goes to building muscle and is not wasted by adopting the wrong posture.

Bowflex Adjustable Free Weight Bench 3.1 Series

Bowflex Adjustable Free Weight Bench

The leg hold down brace is removable so you can use the weight bench in a flat position.

The Bowflex weight bench does not take up much room and is ideal for use in the home.

The Bowflex weight bench has a massive 15 year warranty on the frame, you know that Bowflex are 100% confident in their equipment when they can offer a 15 year warranty.

The back and seat are cushioned for your comfort and posture support, the head rest is red and the lower back area is cushioned in black, the contrasting red and black colours make for a very beautiful design.

Use this free weight bench with any free weights you already have, you can train and exercise to over 30 different exercises using the weight bench.

The free weight bench has wheels at the side, which when you pick up the weight bench and tilt the bench to carry it, the wheels touch the floor and you can move the weight bench with ease, it's easy to stand the weight bench upright so it takes up less room when not in use, store the weight bench in a cupboard or under the stairs.

Use your free weights on the Bowflex Adjustable Free Weight Bench which ensures you have the correct posture and get the most benefit out of your reps.
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