Bremshey folding treadmill with wheels.

The Bremshey Ambition Treadmill is easy to fold and easy to wheel away into storage, thanks to the folding treadmill system which folds the running deck upwards, the treadmill can then be wheeled away into storage when not being used.

Bremshey Ambition Treadmills have powerful 2.75hp motors which have recently been updated for the latest models, these motors are as powerful as more than 2 horses!, when you look at it that way you realise how much power is being quoted here.

Bremshey Ambition Treadmill, Easy to Fold, Easy to Wheel

Bremshey Ambition Treadmill

All the treadmill functions are controlled by a touch panel, functions like speed, incline, quick start and stop are all easily reachable directly from the touch screen panel.

There are 9 different running programs to choose from including 3 programs which are linked to the hand grip sensors built into the handlebars which you hold whilst running or walking, these heart rate control programs will automatically adjust to give you a thorough workout, working you out whilst monitoring your heart rate, as your heart rate increases the automatic program will reduce the effort required and your heart rate will lower.

If you like walking or running up hills the Bremshey is ideal for you as it has an incline that can be set from 0% to 10% incline, meaning that when set on maximum for every 10 steps forward the hill will have increased by 1 step in height.

The treadmill frame and motor (new powerful version just installed in these new Bremshey models) are guaranteed for 15 years against defect, so it's nice to know that anytime within 15 years, if the motor stops working you are covered under the warranty.

All other parts of the Bremshey treadmill are covered by 2 years parts and labour, this is an onsite warranty where an engineer will visit your home to make the repair or replacement.

The Bremshey Ambition Treadmill includes free delivery and has an optional installation service if you would like Bremshey to setup the treadmill and carry it to a particular room in the house, with the standard free delivery your treadmill will be carried into any downstairs room free of charge.
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