Bremshey CF7 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Bremshey CF7 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Easy Step On Low Access and Self Generating Power, No Batteries Required.

The Bremshey CF7 Elliptical Cross Trainer is ideal if your recovering from injury and have trouble raising your legs or your legs are stiff and lifting your legs is difficult because this elliptical trainer will help to rehabilitate you and allows easy step on access where the pedals come down to floor height so all you need to is step on.
Bremshey CF7 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Easy Step On Low Access.

Easy Step On Low Access, Self Generating Power, No Batteries Required.

With no climbing the Bremshey CF7 Elliptical Cross Trainer is ideal for everyone with any sort of mobility problem who would benefit from some exercise and because this elliptical cross trainer is self generating and actually makes its own power when you move the elliptical trainer pedals up and down you won't need any mains electricity or even any batteries so you can put the elliptical trainer anywhere you like even in areas far away from electricity like sheds or garages or attic rooms.

There's a 9kg front flywheel which because its mounted at the front of the elliptical trainer means the pedals can be placed closer together so your legs are not being stretched wide and with a 19 inch stride length there's plenty of room for even the tallest of users (the taller you are the bigger your stride length as the longer your legs) and if you do have a large stride length and have ever been on a elliptical trainer with limited stride length you will know what it feels like when you can't stretch your leg fully for exercise.

There's a colour LCD screen which has a backlight so you can read the display in all lighting conditions.

22 exercise programmes are included and these are built into the combined exercise computer and digital display there's heart rate control exercise programmes too which monitor your pulse rate from pulse sensors embedded into the handlebars.
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