Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer.

Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer with Front Flywheel Mount and Pedals Closer Together to prevent Stretching.

The Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer as the name suggests has a front mounted flywheel this allows the pedals to be closer together than rear mounted flywheels so your legs won't feel like they are being stretched apart and the flywheel momentum ensures that cross trainer movements are smooth and consistent with no vibration so you get a better exercise and feel less tired afterwards.
Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer, Front Flywheel Mount.

Front Flywheel Mount, Pedals Closer Together, No Stretching.

The digital display is mounted on the handlebars and uses a high contrast display that's easy to read in all light conditions and with the large digits on the display you can read the display in low light or if you wear glasses or contact lenses and have taken them out for exercise your find the large digits and high contrast make the display easy to read.

As well as showing your exercise statistics on the display there's also a graphical area which draws out the exercise programme you have selected so you can see the reissuance levels used on that exercise programme and your position on that exercise programme, all your exercise statistics are shown on screen at the same time so you don't have to wait for a scanning mode to show you the information your interested in its all on screen.

There's a recovery option available which will check to see how quickly you recover after exercise as this is an indication of your fitness level and will be displayed on screen, pulse sensors in the handlebars ensure that your pulse is read simply by holding the handlebars your pulse is then displayed on screen and your receive a warning on screen should your pulse rate go too high whilst your exercising.

There's a body fat test too built into the cross trainer and for that simply hold the handlebar sensors and your resistance between the two handlebars is measured, the bodies resistance is a indication of your body fat levels and is displayed on screen as BMI Body Mass Index.
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