Bremshey Orbit Control C 19 Inch Cross Trainer.

Bremshey Orbit Control C19 Inch Cross Trainer the Top Model In Range with Heart Rate Control.

The Bremshey Orbit Control C19 Inch Cross Trainer has the largest stride length of any Bremshey so if your tall and have a large stride length (the length of your legs determine your stride length, the taller you are the longer your stride length) then your find you have all the room you need to fully extend your legs as your cross training and for those who are shorter you can be sure that your getting the maximum leg extension too.
Bremshey Orbit Control C 19 Inch Cross Trainer, Top Model In Range.

Top Model In Range, Heart Rate Control.

There's pulse sensors in the handlebars these measure your pulse rate and calculate your heart rate which is displayed on screen and used to drive the heart rate control exercise programmes which automatically adjust how hard it is to move the pedals depending on your heart rate if your trying for a constant heart rate then the elliptical trainer will auto adjust the effort required to keep you at that constant heart rate.

The reason for striving for a constant heart rate is that's the fat burning zone so your lose more body fat as you exercise.

The elliptical trainer has rear drive and a rear flywheel keeping the elliptical motion smooth and vibration free, there's 18 exercise programmes to choose from ranging from quick start where literally all you have to do is press the one quick start button and your cross training to the manual mode where you control the resistance level yourself with a resistance increase and decrease button on the control panel there's a constant watt setting which tries to maintain your exercise at a constant power delivery too.

There's a user programme where you can make your own exercise programme up and save it to the elliptical trainer computer for use the next time you cross train you can customise this with speeds and resistance levels which meet your own exercise goals.
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