Bremshey Orbit Pacer C 16 Inch Cross Trainer.

Bremshey Orbit Pacer C 16 Inch Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Control and Graphical Mountain Range Display.

With the Bremshey Orbit Pacer C 16 Inch Cross Trainer you get a 16 inch stride length cross trainer that's the ,maximum length of walking stride that the Bremshey Orbit Pacer C16 will accommodate which is ideal for everybody as if your tall and have a large stride length your appreciate the large 16 inch stride and if your smaller the you won't make use if the extra stride and won't notice any difference but if more than one person is to use the elliptical trainer its ideal to have one that's suitable for both small and tall people.
Bremshey Orbit Pacer C 16 Inch Cross Trainer, Heart Rate Control.

Heart Rate Control, Graphical Mountain Range Display.

The digital display features a graphical mountain range display what this means is that the exercise programme you have selected is drawn on screen as a mountain range with higher mo9uyntains meaning more effort required on the pedals and lower mountains meaning less effort so you can quickly see how hard or easy a particular exercise programme is and you can easily see when the easy bits and difficult bits are so as your exercising you can prepare yourself.

The elliptical cross trainer has rear drive and a large rear mounted flywheel which smoothes out the individual motions of the elliptical trainer pedals into one continuous and smooth elliptical action so you won't feel as tired and you won't feel vibrations or start to wobble.

The digital display shows the time you have exercised for so you can easily set yourself a goal like 30 minutes of exercise a day and the speed you're moving the elliptical trainer pedals this is a real time speed as are all the measurements so if you speed up or slow down your instantly see the digital display change, if you enter your weight when you start cross training your also see your calories appear on screen the reason your weight is requested is that the elliptical trainer uses your weight to accurately calculate your calorie loss which again is in real time speed up or slow down and watch your calories increase or decrease, watching your calorie consumption is a great way to stay motivated and exercising hard as you can see exactly how many calories your burning.

If you want to make the same effort on your exercise every day then your be interested in the training power measurement, this measurement is displayed on the digital display and is measured in watts it shows you exactly how hard your elliptical cross training and how much power your generating so if you want to make the same or greater effort the next time you exercise just look at your power reading.
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